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L-1A Intra-Company Transfer

The L-1A is a visa which allows a US employer to transfer an executive or manager from an affiliated overseas office to a wholly owned subsidiary in the USA. This visa type is also for a foreign company which is not currently operating in the USA to send an executive or manager there with the intention of establishing one. The foreign company must employ over four people and have been trading for over a year. L-1A visas are valid for an initial year, with the opportunity to extend in increments of up to two years. You are able to renew a visa for a maximum period of seven years.


• The L-1A visa allows its holder the opportunity to establish a business presence in the USA

• An L-1A allows an individual to move to the USA with their spouse and unmarried children under the age of twenty one

• The visa may be extended for two year periods depending on the activities of the business

• Through L-1A the opportunity exists to become a permanent resident, and eventually a US citizen

• The spouse of an L-1A visa holder may apply for the authorisation to work.


• An L-1A applicant must be seeking to enter the USA to provide services in an executive or managerial capacity

• An applicant needs to have been in a managerial or executive role within the qualifying company (parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate) for at least one continuous year in the three years prior to applying for an L-1A

• L-1A visa applications require a detailed five year business plan to outline growth strategies

• The company needs to have a pre-arranged space for the new office headquarters

• The prospective US office will need to support the applicant in their executive role within a year of the application approval.


Services By Our Partners

• Our partners manage the whole visa application process up until your 4th visa renewal

• Our partners provide you with advice at each stage of the process

• Once your application has been submitted, our partners will keep you informed of any progress

Additional Services (Prices On Request) By Our Partners

• Introducing you to a US franchise which meets your requirements

• Incorporation of a company

• Producing a business plan necessary for the L-1A application written specifically for this purpose

• Finding a physical, virtual or serviced office for your US business activities

• Providing you with tax planning advice

• Opening a US bank account for your business

• Organising accountancy and bookkeeping for your company

• Arranging all of your formal social security registrations in the US.

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