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The EB-5 program is an opportunity for those who are seeking to move to the USA and are able to invest a minimum of $, as it offers the only direct route to obtaining a green card for the applicant, their spouse and unmarried children under the age of twenty one. To emphasise this is the only direct route to permanent residency with the option to become a full US citizen after five years of residing in the USA.

About the EB-5 Program

The US employment based fifth preference visa (EB-5) for lawful permanent residency was created in 1990 and is administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The program annually sets aside Green Cards for immigrants who make an investment of at least $ into a targeted employment or rural area.

The investment must be into a commercial enterprise which will create at least ten full time jobs for US workers, a requirement which must have been met before an EB-5 applicant is to receive their permanent status after two years. The enterprise must be authorised to raise funds under the EB-5 program: these businesses which have been authorised for investment by USCIS are called Regional Centres.

About EB-5 Regional Centres

Both private and governmental agencies may apply to USCIS in order to be designated as Regional Centres. During the process plans must be submitted to show how economic growth will be promoted, how jobs will be created, the amount and source of capital required and how the Regional Centre will have a positive economic impact.

In addition to receiving the minimum investment, each Regional Centre is authorised to charge an administration fee to cover their costs. These fees will range generally range from $60,000+ and may include attorney fees for the green card application.


• Permanent residency for the applicant, their spouse and unmarried children under twenty one years

• The ability continue to manage other business interests or to seek employment in the US

• Apply for US citizenship 5 years after being granted a conditional green card

• An EB-5 visa holder has the freedom to live anywhere in the United States

• No business management experience needed or minimum educational qualifications required

• College fees are set at the same rates as US citizens

• The ability to speak English is not necessary


From the date that an application is submitted it will take six to nine months for the initial two year green card to be issued. After twenty one months, an application can be made for a permanent green card. After five years of residing in the USA, an EB-5 investor may apply for US citizenship.

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